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An Email to

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I would now like to share with you an email I have just sent to Later I’ll post the review of their product but for now, enjoy!  Or scream in terror.   Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, I have come to you on this occasion to tell you of my slightly less refined thoughts which […]

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The Hired Man – Jan Irving

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Jan Irving has provided us with the provocative tale of Ian, a priest who surprisingly and unlike any other character who was also a priest, has lost his faith.  More surprising still our hero suffers this most terrible and original state of being after having… wait for it…. That’s right losing his wife and son […]

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DARPA Funding Kaput

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So thanks to Roger and the nitwits in research we have lost all government funding.  Surprise surprise MICROWAVES ARE FOR POPCORN AND PIE YOU DICK. In other news we will be keeping you up to date here with all of our ongoing projects which the snakesucking bastards on the hill haven’t classified ‘for the good […]

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